Amasi Beef stew


Heard a lot of this type of beef stew so thought I should try it out it was so amazing everyone needs to try it 2 hours


 Family of five

  1. Beef
  2. Amasi
  3. Tomato sauce
  4. Worcester sauce
  5. Chutney
  6. Beef spice
  7. Steak and chops spice
  8. Rosemary spice
  9. Mixed herbs
  10. Thyme
  11. Chicken broth
  12. Minestrone, brown onion, chicken rosemary soups mixed together


  1. Mix beef with spice, amasi and all your sauces in a bowl then let it marinade for an hour in your fridge
  2. Fry onions and your pepper in pan on low heat then add your marinade beef and cook steadily add your Chicken or beef broth for flavor
  3. Cook for about an hour or until your beef is soft and tender then add your soups just a little because the water should be already thick then enjoy your. Stew

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