About ArenaBoard

ArenaBoard! Isn’t an interesting name! It has come from the Latin word ‘Arena’. It means Battle Field.Yes it’s an online Battle Field. From any corner of the world any students can join in this.

Now we acquainting it’s main aim. We know that the biggest property of 21 century is wisdom. So, we have to remember that if we capable to spread it more and more then the world will be go ahead. To spread the wisdom in everyone we have made ArenaBoard.

Now we see how it works! As it’s an online platform. So, we have tried our best to useful it. We have sorted it by programming Courses, Quiz, Olympiad and so on thus any. Student of any country can join with happily. We arrange olympiad and Programming contest. Students participate on it. We fix the time , if students get same marks then we notice their time who has done their task at first. After proper keynoting we select the winner. Students can get also free programming course and can show their skill in programming. These are the main purpose of ArenaBoard.

Now we see how it helps us. We’re described before that students can get free courses by ArenaBoard. So, it helps students to expert in programming. By participating programming contest and olympiad students can learn lots of thing. We know that woman are more lag behind then men. If girls join in this battlefield they will be also useful. They can bring lots of change to the world, This ArenaBoard is also useful to developed country. If the students of these country join in it, they can change the condition of these country. That’s how ArenaBoard will be helpful to every students.

You have surely noticed our logo. Yes, it’s color id green and red which bears the color of Bangladeshi flag. As a Bangladeshi I want to introduce this ArenaBoard to the whole country that it can a place in international platform and we are capable to spread the wish dom. This is the project of ArenaBoard.----Tabassum Afrida

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Meet The Team Section


Md Sanaul Haque Shanto

Md. Sanaul Haque Shanto

CEO & Founder

I am Md.Sanaul Haque Shanto . I am Another a Competitive Programmer.I am a Student Of class 10.Just Passed SSC 2018.I was Started Coding at the age of class 8.This Online Judge is a little effort of them.

Email: mdshs.shanto@gmail.com


Rafid Abrar

Rafid Abrar

CO & Founder

I am Rafid Abrar. I am a Book Lover .I am a Student Of class 10.Just Passed SSC 2018.

Email: torusinn@gmail.com


Tahsin Tans

Tahsin Tans

CO & Founder

I am Tahsin TanS. I am another Competitive Programmer.I am a Student Of class 10.



Another Team Members

Md Sheam Bin Sayhid Aunkon

Md Sheam Bin Sayhid Aunkon

Graphics Designer

I am Md Sheam Bin Sayhid Aunkon .I am a Student Of class 10.Just Passed SSC 2018.

Email: md.sheamsbsaunkon09@gmail.com